National My Home Life

MyHome Life is about celebrating good quality of life for older residents in care homes, it aims to create a positive culture, based on a relationship-centred approach. It recognises that staff need to engage at an emotional level with their residents, and that managers need to support them in this.

MyHome Life encourages managers to move from a ‘controlling’ leadership style to a more empowering and enabling one. It helps them connect more productively with staff and supports them to take the initiative.

Driven by the care home sector, MyHome Life is an opportunity to use evidence-based knowledge to deliver real, sustainable results.

Evidence-based knowledge

The MyHome Life vision is based on a review of best practice carried out by the National Care Homes Research and Development Forum (NCHR&D Forum).

Over 60 academic researchers worked in partnership with care home practitioners, independent advisor's and voluntary groups to examine evidence on the quality of life of older people in care homes.

Based on this review, the MyHome Life team put together a programme of ongoing research and development to help staff optimise the quality of life in care homes.

This research helped identify eight best practice themes which together form a vision for care homes in the 21st century. You can download resources, based around each theme, from the national My Home Life website.