Is residential care the answer?

Most of us would prefer to remain in our own homes, but if a physical or mental impairment affects our ability to remain independent we might then rely on others to provide help and support.

Is residential care the answer?

There are a range of options offered by your local authority or private care agencies who can give carer support within your own home. For some people, a residential home care can offer security and companionship. Whenever a choice is made, there are a number of options from which to choose and advice should always be sought.

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For some people, residential care is a positive choice that can provide companionship and peace of mind in later life. Others prefer to remain in their own homes but if they have to move, they might continue to own or rent their home with additional support. There is a huge range of services available to help people live independently giving them choice and control.

In order to make an informed choice, it is worthwhile spending some time thinking about exactly what aspects of life are becoming more difficult and the different ways in which the changing needs can be met.

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Everyone over 65 who needs a care service is entitled to a “Needs Assessment” arranged by the Local Authority. This is free (although any services provided may be charged according to means) and offers a good opportunity to talk over the aspects of life that are becoming more difficult with a professional who knows what facilities and services are available.

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If you would prefer to make private arrangements for help assessing need and reviewing options, many individuals and companies provide independent social work and occupational therapy services.

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As well as Local Authority services, many voluntary organisations in Essex (including Southend and Thurrock) offer services to older people.

Needs Assessment

For information about ‘Needs Assessment’ or to request one within your Local Authority area click on the link or telephone the number provided.

  • Essex - Social Care Direct – 0845 603 7630
  • Southend - Adult Social Services – 01702 215008
  • Thurrock - Older Peoples’ Services – 01375 652868

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The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is the largest professional association for social workers in the UK. Its primary aim is to promote the best possible social work services for all people who may need them. Their Database provides access to a list of independent social workers.

The Association of Independent Care Advisors (AICA) represents organisations based in the UK dedicated to helping people identify the most appropriate type of care service and care provider for their individual needs.

Occupational therapists are specialists who can advise on aids, home adaptations, alarm systems and other equipment and techniques to make life easier and more secure. The College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section provides an online directory of members who provide a wide range of services throughout the country.

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Age UK Essex

Age UK Essex provides support for people in later life across the whole of Essex. Together with their national organisation Age UK it campaigns effectively on your behalf and offers you information and support on all aspects of later life.

As a rule its products and services are available to anyone over the age of 50 living in Essex. Services may be obtained directly by individuals or on their behalf by friends and family. Statutory organisations such as the NHS and Social Services can also refer people to Age UK services.

Independent Age

They are our partners who operate our advice line service on our behalf. This charity provides a range of support services. Membership of Independent Age is available both to older people in care homes and to older people living in their own homes.

It provides a variety of support and communications, depending upon what the member would like, including befriending by a volunteer, a quarterly newsletter (In Touch), a twice-yearly members’ magazine (Golden Link), copies of public information and ongoing caseworker support if required.

Our own online index page of useful links to a summary of support organisations.