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Rustling and keep calm!

Nocturnal rustling can trigger a variety of reactions. When I was a young mother and it was Christmas time, the stealthy exploration of excited children meant that Santa had indeed been busy again. But when shifty sounds were heard at night in a care home recently in July, the lightly-sleeping next- door lady was suspicious and informed the Carer. Thinking that the ‘Rustler’ might be unwell, the Carer tapped on the door and entered, only to find that ‘Mrs Rustler’ was searching for a fresh nighty! She usually had a supply regularly laundered by her daughter.

The reassuring Carer took ‘Mrs R ’ down to the laundry, creeping stealthily past all the rooms with their sleeping inhabitants. And there, neatly folded were the nighties! ‘Mrs R’ had not enjoyed such midnight antics since the Boarding School forbidden feasts in the Dorm!

As she giggled her way back to bed she declared: ‘I never thought living in a Care Home could be so good!!’

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