The Secret

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It can be helpful to trust a friend.


You might have heard the one about the old man who ‘Hadn’t an enemy in the world’ (Pause to admire his virtue). Then he adds ‘No, I’ve outlived them all!!’

It’s not so funny however when one had also outlived all one’s friends and family, as had Margaret. She had left her own home to go into hospital, and from there was transferred to a Care Home without the chance of a goodbye visit to the old house. Not surprisingly she was sad. The mood continued for far too long. But her new friend Mary, a FaNs visitor, was patient and faithful.

Eventually Margaret was able to trust and confide. It wasn’t only the old house which she mourned. There was a secret stowed there in the loft. Bundles of precious love-letters! The thought of them being read by strangers worried her.

When the trusted Mary was able to tell Margaret she had fulfilled her request and burned, unread, the ancient hoard, the sadness evaporated entirely!

One of the benefits of Care Homes and their supportive friends and neighbours, is that the residents is unlikely to outlive the loving new friends around them.

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