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We begin life equipped with wonderful imaginations!

Stars on the horizon!

We begin life equipped with wonderful imaginations. The ‘pretend’ games of childhood take their stimulations from everything experienced, from real events to colourful fiction.

As we mature, we may achieve our ‘dream’ job; our ‘dream’ holiday, our ‘dream’ man (or woman)! Or we may not.

By the time we reach ‘old timer’ status, the memory is a rich storehouse, not only of experienced reality, but of imaginary wanderings into realms of wonder. It is awesome to consider the rich variety contained in our Care Homes.

In one of these it was decided to do a ‘Photoshot’ session with the help of young people and their computer skills. The result produced pictures of every resident, each with their chosen background of exotic scenery. Unlimited by actual events, the range was surprising! Nothing was impossible, from Arctic Tundra to Tropical Paradises. Even the Planet Mars could have featured if anyone wanted something out of this World!

It was all great fun! One of the youngsters declared: ‘I never knew old people could be so cool!!’

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