A trouble shared

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A trouble shared leads to twinkling eyes!

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Since Sally had had a stroke, her speech was severely impaired. As her right, writing hand was also paralysed, the future looked grim. Sally had always been a good communicator. Her memory and intelligence seemed as sharp as ever, and the inability to express her thoughts caused her frustration. Her visitors shared in the feelings, being thwarted in their attempts to decipher the inarticulate grunts.

As each visitor reported the successive failures to interested friends, it was decided to try a new approach. Visiting in pairs. This was much better. The pair could converse, including Sally as much as possible. They were able to help each other guess at Sally's meaning. There was much laughter. Photos and visual aids were employed. Although not a total solution, the improvement on all levels was considerable. Sally seemed to revel in the “party" atmosphere of each visit.

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Sally's room in the care home opened out into the garden. The flowers around her doorway overflowed into the room as her friends came with plants and cut bunches. The colour and beauty were upstaged, however, by the brightness of Sally's eyes which now twinkled merrily as the “pair" arrived for yet another celebration.

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