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A home more like Heaven! Bright, colourful, lovely people, and NO SPIDERS!

Picture of a spider

Ethel, as the last member of her family, had inherited the old house. The furniture was ancient, but Ethel felt at home with it. At the end of the dark lobby stood a hall-stand-coat-hanging contraption, beside which was the door to the cellar.

Ethel never ventured down into the cellar. She was afraid of spiders, and convinced that a colony of creepy-crawlies lurked in the murky depths. Having heard that spiders are allergic to camphor, she regularly chucked handfuls of mothballs down to stifle the helpless arachnids. Such reckless abandon resulted in the coat becoming contaminated. When Ethel sallied forth, she reeked! One could smell her approach almost before she loomed into sight!

When the time came for her to transfer to a care home, a whole new wardrobe was supplied, not only out of kindness to Ethel, but out of respect for the olfactory sensitivity of everyone around her.

The FaNs visitor who was quick to welcome the newcomer asked her if she felt at home there. “Certainly not!” said Ethel emphatically. “This place is more like Heaven! Bright, colourful, lovely people, and NO SPIDERS!”

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