Buried Treasure

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A friendship can discover buried treasure!

Buried Treasure

Pamela was a lady of few words. She was reticent and hard to communicate with. Nevertheless her FaNs visitor persevered. Jenny was adaptable and open to learning new ways in order to please. She was comfortable with the long silences between her attempts to say something of interest.

After a number of visits, Pamela was convinced that Jenny was a reliable and recurring presence, not likely to be bored by her unresponsiveness. Slowly she opened out. Far from being a person of few words, Pamela was a rich repository of millions!! She had been a librarian. Her knowledge was profound. Literature, history, philosophy were included in her memory. But most of all – POETRY! Jenny had found the key to the treasure trove.

Gradually the treasures were hauled up into the light of day. Jenny herself grew in knowledge and in love as she shared time with so precious a friend. She brought along her own favourite poems, for friendship is never one-sided. As Pamela grew more at ease with articulating her learning, she was persuaded to treat her fellow residents to some of the “pearls”.

Now, when Pamela sits in her preferred silent reverie, the empathic gentle smiles around her make her feel entirely accepted and at home.

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