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Simple ideas lead to helpful solutions!

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Jerry was physically active but his brain was succumbing to dementia. The staff in his care home were themselves becoming somewhat demented by his persistent attacks on all the available walls and surfaces!

Jerry had been a painter and decorator. His continued efforts at ‘decorating’ the place were causing concern. All efforts at persuasion failed for want of being remembered.

Then someone had a bright idea!

Nowadays Jerry goes happily around the house painting and decorating with a brush and pail of water! So much easier than having to ‘splash out’ on repairing the previous damage.

Another cheap and harmless solution to a problem was found when the natural exuberance of noisy young people was disturbing sleeping seniors. Instead of rebuke, an effective remedy was found in simply relaying Classical Music! This not only soothed the seniors, but also repelled the youngsters who found the ethos decidedly UNCOOL!

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