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“Go for it! I’ll pay half”.

Thumb up - goes with story of Lucy

Lucy’s care home had been adapted from an old Victorian house. The rooms were of various sizes, but all with lovely high ceilings. Lucy’s room was the smallest.It was dark, being overshadowed by a huge tree. The small window overlooked a busy road.

Lucy lived up to her name – LIGHT! Whenever any of the Staff felt the need of a little light relief, they would pop in to Lucy for five minutes and come out feeling better. Any visitor who had had a difficult hour was steered to “say hello” to Lucy, and subsequently left the premises smiling.

Lucy didn’t move about much. Her room was filled with paintings, her late husband having been an amateur artist. Lucy didn’t sleep much either. The curtains were never drawn closed because she loved the magical dancing patterns made at night by the shining of the street lamp through the shivering leaves of the big tree. The walls and ceiling became a fairy land surrounding the delighted little child in her.

Her one available relative was a great-niece, Carla, whose mother had told her many stories about Lucy’s generosity. It was a family joke that one had only to admire something while shopping with Lucy for her to say “Go for it!I’ll pay half”.

In time, the biggest room in the old house became available. It was light and airy and beautiful!  Lucy was tempted to upgrade, but unsure if her finances would stretch to cover the extra cost. “Go for it Aunty!” said Carla, “I’ll pay half”.

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