One for you and one for me

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When little jobs are found for a number of eager residents, they feel even more at home as a result of feeling useful again

Picture of tape measure to go with musing 'One for you and one for me'

Pat was the “Arts and Crafts” lady in the care home. Her “students” were a challenge in their range of abilities and attention span, and devising new subjects to engage them and achieve participation was no small feat. Then one day she took the risk of turning the class over to the pupils by asking “What did you enjoy doing as a child?”

Perhaps the most unexpected answer came from Beryl. As one of a large family, Beryl knew all about making games from simple, inexpensive materials. But it was not one of these she cited as her favourite childhood occupation. It was “portioning”. Her busy Mother would delegate any possible little tasks among her brood, and when it came to cutting the cake, or the flapjacks, spooning out ice-cream and jelly, counting out slices of banana and jelly babies, the rule was – the one assigned with the portioning was the last to take his/her share. Never did you see such meticulously exactly equal amounts!

The news of Beryl’s skill reached the Manager. The Chef was happy to have Beryl’s help. Little jobs were also found for a number of eager residents, who felt even more at home as a result feeling useful again. “You are so clever, Beryl!” they all agreed. “Oh it was just a trifle!” replied the modest maid.

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