Mother of Pearl

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Interest in nacre generates interest and excitement!

Image ofmother of pearl shell

Gwen was particularly fond of nacre. She had an impressive collection of objects fashioned from the beautiful sea-bounty. She had even named her first daughter "Pearl" so that she herself could be "Mother-of-Pearl"!

Her interest, over the years, extended to every aspect associated with nacre, from the variety of molluscs, to the harvesting of shells and manufacture of items of beauty and utility.

Every holiday included an exciting treasure-hunt around antique shops and flea-markets to add to her hoard. Friends and family contrived to produce celebration-time gifts which were certain to please.

One special Wedding Anniversary was spent within reach of a remarkable Summer-House, the walls of which, inside and out, were decorated with shells and mother-of-pearl, painstakingly constructed by a fellow fanatic of bygone years.

When Gwen transferred to a care home, she gave long and careful thought to the fate of her precious collection. Her life-experiences were entwined with it. Through its pursuit, she had also made a valued link with a family in Bethlehem whose livelihood depended on their skill in carving and selling nacre items. Gwen had facilitated their export to Britain, over and above her own regular purchases from them.

Recognising that the tastes of her family were not as her own, she made the decision. She would SELL! Keeping for herself only the brooch which her husband had given her on their wedding day.

The day of the Auction proved to be as exciting as any treasure-hunting had been. The care home Manager herself accompanied Gwen, and the whole collection was photographed, and the Auction recorded by the Manager for the continued enjoyment, not only of Gwen and her family, but for the residents who had taken a keen interest. Every item shimmering and displayed for posterity.

Then the bidding! On the internet, on the phone, in the room, nacre lovers competed to acquire pieces of Gwen's life-time passion. Some items were rare antiques. The sum raised was amazingly huge!! And it was all given to Gwen's grandson who was struggling to pay his University fees.

Most fittingly, the grandson was studying MARINE BIOLOGY! Bounty from the sea was returning to benefit the oceans.

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