Where Art Thou?

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We need new blood.

The Blood Donor

A painting competition was arranged by a care home for the pupils of a local school. Certificates and prizes were presented by some of the residents to the seven best efforts, which were then framed and hung on walls in the home, evoking happy memories.

When Betty was a schoolgirl during World War 2, her painting was chosen to be displayed, with others, in a big shop window in the Town. The theme was "Save for Victory" and she had produced a SPITFIRE with its pilot smiling encouragingly.

Betty, as a teenager at Art School, had been invited to do a portrait of Florence Nightingale for an amateur dramatic stage play. It was also suggested that she might like to join the actors as "We need new blood". Not having the time to diversify in that direction, she contented herself with donating her new blood at the transfusion centre, and began a lifetime of periodic draining! She liked to think that she had helped to save the lives of people who would give joy to others with their various talents, but most of all with their love.

Many colourful memories were brought to life by the Art project.Conversations, often going off at a tangent, chuckles, revelations, co-incidences, and pride in the achievements of children and grandchildren.

If the subjects could be painted, an Art Gallery would be too small to house them!