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The Beauty of Friendship


All her life Jill had corresponded with a myriad of friends that she'd picked up here and there. It began when, as a young Midwife, she sent birthday and Christmas greetings to each precious life she had helped into the world. The responses encouraged her to continue. She was often invited to weddings, turned to in crisis times, included in celebrations and various milestones in various lives.

When her pen was less nimble and she was confined to a wheelchair in a care home, her continuing faithful cards were embellished with butterflies on the envelopes, and always a cheerful, encouraging word, however brief.

Then, suddenly, the flow ceased. Jill had had a stroke and was unable to use her right, writing hand.

When the news reached her pen-pals, they conspired to arrange a demonstration of their appreciation of all she had meant to them.

The postman was kept busy as hundreds of cards arrived for Jill. Each one was embellished with butterflies on the envelope. Then the flowers arrived! Bouquets and posies and arrangements galore.

Then there was THE PARTY! People had travelled from far and near. The cake was a lepidopterists' fantasy!!

Later, in the Summer, came the Surprise Outing! Again, so many friends of all ages. As many from the care home as could come, with their eager carers, were included. And the venue? Of course it was "Butterfly World" where the living lovely creatures fluttered around among exotic flowers.

The living, lovely smiles of her friends made Jill's heart feel as light as a butterfly.

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