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Not all minds think alike

Steam Iron

Joanne is Manager of a care home. She is valued particularly for her understanding and patient relationship with the Staff, and the residents, many of whom suffer from dementia.

As with all of us, she has learnt from the many experiences of life. With Joanne, whose life was colourful, one particular lesson stands out. She had been with her husband who had a managerial job in the Caribbean Islands. With domestic help the norm, she still preferred, occasionally, to iron her own delicate garments. Every time she set up to “have a pressing appointment at a board meeting”, she had to untie a knot in the cord of the iron.

She waited until an easy and trustful relationship with the Staff had been established before broaching the question “Why?” (as a matter of interest and not of criticism). In the logic of people not familiar with modern electrical gadgets, tying a knot in the cord of the iron should impede the flow of power and prevent the iron from becoming too hot!

Not all minds think alike. But all minds do respond happily to attitudes of respect and interest, just as all minds recoil from unfriendly criticism. As Shakespeare might have said if he had thought of it:- “A BE-attitude of gratitude and respect evokes harmony in the home.”

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