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Invigorating celebration of FaNs phase II

FaNs Afternoon Tea

The Weather was just right, a sunny spring day, so the tables were spread out into the patio area, invitingly laid with fine china for the tea which was to conclude the afternoon.Freda Gunton Lodge in Colchester Town was the ideal venue.The Manager and Staff had worked hard and cheerfully to provide a welcome for the seventy or so people who attended the launch of "Phase Two" of the FaNs movement.

The atmosphere throughout mirrored the lovely Weather.I felt I was absorbing the sunshine of goodwill; all smiles and affirmation!!So many dedicated people, each giving heartfelt response to the varied needs of older people, and in the process enjoying the company and friendship of their fellow-contributors.It was FUN!And so uplifting.

I learned more details of various histories and organizations in the best way, that of informal dialogue (with a glass of orange juice in hand), mingling among the throng.

The pianist in his white dinner jacket, with his twinkling eyes and tinkling notes; The retired Fire-Fighter with his charming anecdotes; the Bishop; the Councillor; the modest and tireless MBE holder; The "Children's University" Manager; the School Headmaster with three sample children in tow; all oozing good cheer, alongside the many regular co-operators, all these made for an atmosphere which could counterbalance much of the "doom and gloom" of the modern world.

More than anything, it was a celebration, not only of the progress of FaNs, but of the delightful relationships and mutual appreciation of everyone involved. I came away invigorated!

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