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Re-tired can be Re-energised!

Happy Harry

Harry had retired long since, but harboured a niggling sense of unfulfilment. His life-time hobby had been entertaining as a comedian and raconteur at any pub or club that would give him a platform. But his material was now considered out-of-date, redundant, old-hat, defunct! Harry suspected these adjectives also applied to him. His wife, however, thought otherwise. She racked her brains and came up with a wonderful idea.

The next day saw Harry exploring the potential of the idea. The nearest care home housed one hundred residents, to say nothing of Staff members. He went to consult with The Manager.

The upshot was not quite what you might be expecting. Harry is now once again “Happy Harry”. He regularly pushes a trolley full of goods-for-sale (non-profit), enabling the residents to become shoppers again. And while he is at it, his repertoire gets a good airing as well as a very appreciative audience!

You can always tell Harry’s location on his rounds by the ripples of laughter – the best of all music!