The Skype's not the Limit

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Problems transformed into an asset!

The Skypes not the limit

Bill had been in the care home for two years. He was happy. Although still missing his wife who had died, he had regular visits from his only son and his family. Then the bombshell exploded! Australia was luring away his dear ones. The career prospects were too good to miss, and Bill himself was firm in persuading his son to go. He listed all the support in the care home, the happy atmosphere, the wonderful Staff, the peace-of-mind inducing security. So, reassured, the little family left for the other side of the World.

In due time arrangements were made for Bill to acquire an I-PAD with facility for SKYPING. You can imagine the mixed emotions for Bill. His joy at the prospect of visual contact was swamped by the apprehension (bordering on terror!) of coping with this alien technology. Then along came a wonderful resolution of the problem.

The schoolboy son of the FaNs visitor, who liked to accompany his Mum now and then, spotted the I-PAD and zoomed over to show an interest. Young Josh had no such luxury at home, but, typical of his generation, was instinctively competent in the medium.

Josh now comes frequently to visit Bill. The pair not only skype to Australia, but explore together all the facilities available in the miracle machine. And they are such great pals. AND Josh’s family have “adopted” Bill into the bargain!

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