Local Networks – Be A FaN!

We plan to help care homes and the people who live in them to be a true part of our local communities.

In many places, managers and staff work really hard to make that a reality, but we can’t expect them to do it all themselves. If we choose to play our part as well, then we can do so much more.

As an individual neighbour, as a member of a local group, as a school or college student or teacher, as a member of a faith group, as a business owner or manager – you could really make a difference. Could you be a FaN?

FaNs networks are groups of people and organisations who are willing to take an active interest in the wellbeing of people living in care homes in their area. The only qualification is that you share the aims and values of FaNs. You don’t have to join the Community Association, commit to a specific role or offer a specific amount of time (although we hope some people will) and you don’t even have to visit people living in care homes in order to make a real contribution. Just as there all kinds of ways to be a good friend or neighbour, there are all kinds of ways to be a FaN.

We will provide information and support for FaNs networks and, where necessary, training for individual volunteers, some of whom may need police checks for specific types of activity. We have access to a range of training opportunities for people who are interested and an award scheme for people who make an outstanding contribution. Being a FaN is not just fun – it might also be very good for the CV!