Available opportunities

Currently, our volunteers work mainly in direct contact with residents in care homes.

Available opportunities

Some are mainly “befrienders” who visit regularly to spend time with residents who may appreciate contact and conversation with people from outside the home. As well as getting to know the individual residents, they sometimes also take part in activities and games or run errands for residents who don’t often have other visitors (as quite a few do not).

These volunteers are greatly appreciated both by residents and staff and are often able to help residents communicate their wishes concerns that they may be reluctant to raise with staff.

Other volunteers take a wider role as full members of the care home team. These are the Community Visitors. They are generally able to commit more time to the role and become a routine presence within the home. They are available for residents according to need at the time (for example, when they are newly admitted to the home) and they also work with the managers, staff and residents’ families – the whole care home community, in fact – as “critical friends” of the home as a whole. Read more about the Community Visitors project.

As our new project FaNs (Community Friends and Neighbours) gets underway, a huge range of new volunteering opportunities will open up. You don’t need to be a member of the Community Association to be a FaN – you can be a member of any organisation or group, or none at all. The main thing is that you share the common aim that unites the FaNs – to help make sure that people who live in care homes are able to enjoy as good a quality of life as possible, according to their individual needs and preferences. The range of roles that FaNs can play is vast, so what would you like to contribute?