Charismatic Alberto has been a regular volunteer at residential care homes in Braintree, Essex.

Alberto and Brian Mister

Four residential care homes in Braintree bask in their very own ‘ray of sunshine’ when My Home Life Essex Community Association volunteer Alberto arrives to brighten their day.

For the past three years Alberto has been a regular weekly visitor to the care homes and spends his time chatting with residents, catching up on their news and sharing a joke or two. We honoured his dedication and commitment at a special celebration to say a big ‘thank you’ for the time he gives and the joy he brings to others.

The managers of the homes welcome Alberto as a friend and relish his brilliant sense of humour and his ability to raise a smile. Here’s what they said:

Alberto makes the residents’ day. They love to see him and everyone feels better for a chat with him.

He’s a ray of sunshine as he’s always interested in what’s been going on and how residents are feeling.

We wish we had more volunteers like Alberto and it’s not just the residents who enjoy his visits!

Debbie Tanner, Development Officer for the My Home Life Essex Community Association, said:

Alberto was the first volunteer that I recruited when I joined the organisation and he’s a real treasure. Generosity oozes out of him and I don’t think he realises how he raises people’s spirits when he walks into a room. Alberto is natural and we’re so lucky to have him. It was a pleasure to honour his dedication as a volunteer and for once I think he was nearly lost for words!

Alberto is retired and lives with his wife in Coggeshall. As he doesn’t drive he manages his journeys by public transport, that’s four return trips every week to visit the care homes. He said: “I love what I do and always look forward to my visits and the staff and residents make me so welcome. I enjoy sharing a joke and get so much pleasure from seeing people smile.