Sarah Wilde - Community Visitor

Sarah Wilde

I started volunteering with MHLECA in September 2014 on the recommendation of another volunteer Lisa Carpenter.

My Nanna had recently passed away after a short stay in a residential home, luckily I come from a large family so my Nanna always had plenty of visitors.

Whilst visiting her it struck me that there were many residents who either did not have any family to visit them or if they did were perhaps too busy or far away to come regularly – I thought this was something I could help with.

After visiting a few homes with Debbie, we came to Little Oaks in Little Braxted and I started visiting once a week, I would have liked to visit more but with a full time job and a young family it is hard to fit it all in. Anyway, MHLECA are great and always stress that no matter how frequently or for how long you can visit, these visits are still very much appreciated by both the residents, staff and members of the families.

It’s been over a year since I started and I absolutely love my time at the home and have made some great friends – everyone is always welcoming and I feel totally at home. I just wish I could spend more time with them.