Good care is changing lives in Essex

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Here are just a few examples of innovations that are changing lives and illustrate the good practice that the MHLECA is aiming to establish in care homes across Essex.

It’s said that it’s good to share and we were delighted to hear some inspiring stories that show how My Home Life Essex is supporting care home managers in making huge improvements to the quality of care across the county. The managers shared their news during the recent Good Care Week which celebrated the dedicated staff who deliver excellent care every day of the year.

The My Home Life Essex Community Association (MHLECA) is part of this exciting movement and privileged to be helping to enrich the lives of all who live in, work in or visit care homes for older people. We’re working hard to help older people and their families to make informed decisions about their care and be part of active and engaging communities that help them to enjoy life to the full.

Here are just a few examples of innovations that are changing lives and illustrate the good practice that the MHLECA is aiming to establish in care homes across Essex. They show how involving residents, their families and care teams in developing and implementing fresh ideas can brighten everyone’s day and even ease reliance on medication. You will soon be able to read the case studies, and many more, in full at My Home Life Essex and here is a taster:

Whole home approach – by simply reviewing staffing arrangements carers are enjoying more ‘fun time’ with residents, everyone is involved with social activities and “The home now feels enlivened and revitalised. You can see it, hear it and feel it.”

Hitting the high notes – singing in their very own choir is lifting spirits and bringing people together. It’s creating a sense of control over life and in some cases helping with the management of pain and discomfort. Carers and relatives can see positive changes in moods and emotional states so it’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone.

Casting their vote – care home residents are entitled to participate in local and national elections and carers are crucial in helping them to cast their votes. Rather than voting by post it’s possible to set up polling booths and ballot boxes to create an authentic feel and the feedback on recent elections said: “It was nice to be able to vote properly.”

Market garden on the menu – an innovative approach to meals and their preparation is involving care home residents in their daily menus. With the emphasis on fresh and healthy food residents meet with the chef to share recipes and discuss how they’d like meals presented. Mealtimes are special with residents and staff eating together with background music to create a relaxed, shared experience.

Fulfilling personal dreams – living in a care home doesn’t stop people dreaming and it’s important that they are supported in achieving their ambitions wherever possible. A great example is of a man who was able to experience his family roots in Poland, despite the challenges of organising such a trip, creating a once in a lifetime holiday for him.

If you would like to find out more about the My Home Life Essex Community Association please contact our Development Officer Debbie Tanner.

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