Onwards and upwards – the future’s bright for residents in Essex care homes

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We’re delighted to have received a ringing endorsement of our work from Essex County Council.

It recognises how we are enriching the lives of older people living in residential care homes and the Council’s continued support means that we are poised to expand our network of Community Visitors (CVs) across the whole of Essex. Our pilot in the Colchester area has proved a great success and we’re looking forward to supporting many more residents in the coming year.

The CVs are volunteers who link with care homes to support the residents and everyone concerned with their wellbeing: their families, friends and care teams. One of their key roles is to encourage connections with the local community to nurture neighbourliness and eliminate social isolation. We’ll be letting you know how the project progresses with regular updates on this website, so keep watching! If you have a particular interest, whether you’re a resident in a care home, a family member or care professional, then please email our Development Officer Debbie Tanner and we’ll make sure that you receive all the latest news and tell you how you can get involved.

Essex County Council Media Release - Building on Success, Building for Success

A special event took place last week to celebrate improvements in the quality of life for care home residents.

Over the past four years Essex County Council has worked in partnership with care homes for older people, local health organisations and community and voluntary organisations to help further improve the quality of life for care home residents. This programme is part of a national movement called ‘My Home Life’.

My Home Life is a national movement of people involved in supporting care homes for older people.

The event, held at the County Hotel, Chelmsford celebrated the success of the programme so far, which includes 166 care home managers engaging in a year-long leadership development programme, and a scheme to award staff for their innovation and dedication.

The event looked ahead to the next stage in the development of this growing movement across the County and highlighted “Who Will Care?” a recently commissioned report by the council which identifies five high impact solutions to the future needs of our growing and ageing population.

A new council funded project was also unveiled which aims to build on current success and branch out into new and innovative approaches to enhancing the quality of life available to residents. The care home development programme will be achieved through community engagement and assisting care homes in interacting and building relationships with their surrounding communities.

Cabinet member for Adult Social Care, Cllr John Aldridge said: “This event marks the beginning of a new and exciting phase of the partnership between the Council, the care providers and the organisations that work with them, building and extending the alliance between all those across the County who share the common aim of providing the best possible care for our older residents.

“This is another step towards maintaining the high standards we have in our residential homes in Essex”.

Jean Dolmor Care Home Manager from St Dominic’s Care Home in Kelvedon has been involved in the My Home Life Programme since the start and said: “My Home Life has allowed me to develop my leadership skills to enable me to support my staff and to focus on what is important to achieve good quality care, which is building relationships and maintaining trust with residents, relations, staff and other professionals”.

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