You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely

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Take a browse around this website and you’ll discover that the My Home Life Essex Community Association supports older people living in residential care homes.

This could make you wonder why people being ‘cared for’ need any additional support from volunteers in their neighbourhood. The answer is that while their carers do a great job they do not often have the luxury of the time to develop an active network of contacts within the neighbourhood to ensure that their residents are well connected locally.

Every community is brimming with friendly and talented people who may have not had the opportunity to get to know their older neighbours in their local care home, and are completely unaware of the potential that such friendships could bring, both to them and the care home residents.

We’re changing all of that by inviting individuals, clubs and organisations to get involved and link up with their local home to alleviate the loneliness that older age can bring when a person may find it hard to pursue the hobbies and interests that they previously enjoyed, or help them discover new joys such as music or singing, to enrich their lives and ensure that they have choices.

Besides volunteers who befriend care home residents we have introduced Community Visitors who support residents in care homes and work with their care teams and families to develop relationships and environments that benefit all concerned. It’s about creating opportunities for residents to talk about their daily lives and aspirations, share ideas and help to bring about positive change.

If you’d like to find out more about what we do please contact our Development Officer Debbie Tanner, or call 0845 017 1095.