We all have a story to tell

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We’d like to ask you to think about those who, in a much quieter way, make their own contribution to our communities.

Whether or not you liked history at school you’ll be aware that our culture is enriched by the legacy of people like Winston Churchill and Florence Nightingale. Older people living in residential care homes each have their own unique life history and those experiences should not be lost, so we’re keen to encourage them to share their stories.

During May The Historical Association is running Local and Community History Month so we think this is a great opportunity for us to find out more about the life and times of those who’ve grown up in our Essex communities and how they view the changes they’ve experienced. If you live in a care home or work in one why not start chatting to hear those personal and neighbourhood memories that should be shared and enjoyed? Also, we’d love to hear from care homes about their reminiscence activities so do get in touch if you’d like others to hear about your work.

The My Home Life Essex Community Association works tirelessly to help residential care homes to connect with their communities to bring together the generations for the benefit of all. We don’t want older people to feel isolated as they have much to share and we want them to continue to live life to the full even though they can no longer live independently. We’re all making memories day-by-day so let’s share the good news.

Please get in touch with Debbie Tanner or call 0845 017 1095 if you have a story you’d like to tell.

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