Prosper Cohort Two

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Registration for Cohort Two is now open! Prosper: Promoting safer provision of care for elderly residents.

Registration for Prosper Cohort Two is open!

Following a successful launch of the PROSPER project which has seen 25 Nursing and Residential care homes participating in the first cohort, we are now inviting homes to register for a second Cohort which will begin in early 2015. 

If you would like more information about how you can be part of this exciting project and take advantage of the tools, skills and training that is on offer please contact:

The PROSPER project is being funded by the Health Foundation, an independent charity working to improve the quality of healthcare in the UK, and is a social care scheme to improve safety and reduce harm, primarily from falls, pressure ulcers and catheter infections, for residential care & nursing home residents across Essex

The project aims to build upon the skills of those working in care homes through;

  • Furthering education to build capability using Quality Improvement Methodology
  • Measurement using The NHS Safety Thermometer a quality improvement and analysis tool to support improvement.
  • Culture change using The Manchester Patient Safety Framework (MaPSaF) to help understand the safety culture of an organisation

The funding is for a two-year pilot project being developed in partnership with Essex County Council, University College London Partners (UCLP) and Essex Residential Care & Nursing homes.

For more information about PROSPER contact:

Further information on the Health Foundation’s Closing the Gap projects can be found at: