Bishop Roger Morris Endorses FaNs

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Bishop Roger Morris Endorses the FaNs Movement

Bishop Roger Morris

The people who live in care homes should remain our friends and neighbours, no less than when they were living in their own homes. This is the creed of a local charity and it has won the backing of the Bishop of Colchester, Roger Morris.

My Home Life Essex Community Association aims to make sure people living in Essex care homes are able to enjoy the best possible quality of life according to their individual needs and wishes.

Now everyone who shares this aim can make a positive difference to the quality of their lives by becoming a ‘FaN’ or Friend and Neighbour and can also benefit from the experience.

“Residential care is still too often seen as a last resort and an end to a person’s independence,” says Bishop Roger.

“In addition to this, our care homes run the risk of becoming ‘islands of the elderly’, cut off from the rest of the community. The inspiring work of people within the FaNs network has meant that links are being remade between those in residential care and the wider community.

And it’s not just the residents that benefit from this greater interaction; every volunteer that I’ve met has spoken of what they have gained from the experience. This is as good a way of ‘loving one’s neighbour’ as I have ever encountered."

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