Carnarvon Nursing Centre celebrate its FaNs

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Las Vegas came to Carnarvon Homes!

Carnarvon Homes Open Day

The national Care Home Open day proved to be an excellent opportunity for care homes to connect with their local community. Carnarvon Nursing Home in Clacton certainly made the most of this chance. Activity Co-ordinator Yvonne Wills says:

Students and staff all dressed up for the day

‘We held our open day on the 19th June, Vegas came to Carnarvon! Before the event we had help from EYS College to do the decorations for the day. Students came into the home to help the residents make the decorations and to spend time with them, this also formed part of their health and social studies. The kitchen staff made nibbles for the residents and families on the day. Gene, one of our housekeepers, made a cake for the raffle (picture attached). The students and staff all dressed up for the day. In the morning students and staff played cards with the residents, then in the afternoon Mo came in and entertain the residents with Elvis songs. A good time was had by everyone’.

Carnarvon Nursing Centre celebrate its FaNs

More recently several young people came into the Home to spend time with the residents as part of a month long program to get their National Citizen Service Award. The students enjoyed sitting, talking, listening and playing games with the residents. They helped serve tea and cake much to the delight of residents and staff ... they can certainly come again!

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