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Residents from Sherrell Care Centre in Chigwell enjoy a drink in their very own ‘Pub'

Sherrell Care Centre 'Pub'

Residents from Sherrell Care Centre in Chigwell can invite FaNs (Friends and Neighbours) into their home to enjoy a drink in their very own ‘Pub’. The idea for the Pub came from the residents. At first, a few of them were talking about it as a wish, as they used to love going to the pub but now find it very difficult to get out and about. After some discussion, the staff realised that this wish could become a reality. Activities Co-ordinator Probhjot Atwal says ‘ We realised that if we could create a life- like pub, not only would those who could not get out have a new environment to socialise and relax in, but also the familiarity of a pub for someone with dementia could be very reassuring.’

The Pub area is always open for residents to enjoy a selection of soft drinks, alcohol is served once a week, the bar being manned by staff, with help from some of the residents. It’s a good place to sit with family and friends as it’s a new and interesting environment. The residents do not pay for their drinks; the money for this is raised either by fundraising or donations. Some of the events Sherrell Care have had, or plan to have in the Pub area include Quiz Nights, Burns Night, St Patrick ’s Day Celebrations, Games Afternoons, Birthday Celebrations etc.

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