Introducing SportsFaNs

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Sport Clubs + care home residents = SportsFaNs

Calling ALL Essex Sports Clubs, both professional and amateur! Our latest innovation, "SportsFaNs", is coming soon! Sport is something that can bind us all, keep us engaged, stimulated and fit! Our care home residents love an excuse to get out for a while, and what better way than to be welcomed into their local sports club to watch their favourite sport? From archery to zorb football, there's something for everyone to enjoy, so if you're a cricket, football or rugby team that would like to be involved, please, please let us know! #makeeverymomentcount #sportsFaNs #firsthashtag

As part of our new and ongoing partnership with Leisure World Colchester, we’re also delighted to announce that free dementia friendly activities will commence on September 5th. Care homes are invited to contact either us or LWT to make their bookings. #makeeverymomentcount #leisureworldcolchester