Covid-19 Adapted Wishing Washing Line

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How does our adapted WWL work?

How does the adapted WWL work?

Some people have been asking how our adapted Wishing Washing Line works at the moment. Well, here's how.

We speak by telephone to care homes by district (Colchester, Maldon, Braintree, Tendring etc), and ask them to talk to the residents and submit their individual resident's wishes to us by email. We know that not everything will be possible during the Covid-19 restrictions, but you'll be amazed how creative residents, staff and wish granters can be!

As one of the Activities co-ordinators said "That's the best part. It's that opportunity for a proper one-to-one conversation with the Resident. What would he or she really like to do, or to have? You can find out so much about them and how they are feeling."

Once we have received them all, we create templates for each wish to post daily on our FB page. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to post to physical lines in supermarkets or community spaces at present.

Then it's up to you. If you see a wish you'd like to grant, simply comment on that post and DM us. Or if you know someone else who can help please tag them!

If you are want to send a requested item we'll get straight back to you with options on how to grant the wish and to have it delivered safely. We have drop off points across Essex and may also able to safely collect on occasion. We will check back with the Care Home if any clarification is required around the wish and possibilities.

Pop in a little note about yourself to the resident so they know who it's from and there you have it, a connection. Some of our #youngFaNs like to put in a drawing or a photo, and this is always well received too.

For wishes which now involve a 'physical' connection eg through Zoom, we will liaise with you and the Care Home. Sometimes things take a bit longer to set up than you might expect. Please be patient - it's really busy for people working in Care Homes and with Care staff doing shift work we may have to wait a few days for the key contact person to be available.

If anyone has any queries or questions about the Wishing Washing Line, simply send us a DM on FB or email for your questions answered.

Team FaNs