Mr Motivator leads care workers in "Active Elders" training!

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MM Training
Mr Motivator leads his training session to care home workers and volunteers.

Thanks to Active Essex, we're able to bring "Active Elders" training to care workers, delivered by our regular volunteer, Derrick Evans MBE, AKA Mr Motivator.

On Wednesday June 1st, we were joined by Mr Motivator MBE, to teach 26 care workers, managers and volunteers from care homes across North and Mid Essex about the importance of gentle exercise for older people.

This two hour session focused on gentle movement, mobilisation and seated exercise designed to last no longer than twenty minutes, and to recognise the close relationship physical exercise has to mental health.

The attendees were delighted with the outcomes, and are fully committed to taking these valuable learnings back to their care settings. The weren't the only ones impressed though;

Mr Motivator said, "Today has been so much fun! What a group! It's been so uplifting to meet everyone in person. I know they'll all take this energy back to their care homes and share it with the residents. It's really all about support and togetherness and making everyone feel good, in their bodies and their minds!"

Pamela Green, Chief Operating Officer for the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group said, "This is such a great initiative that promotes the wellbeing of our elders in care homes through gentle exercise. Mr Motivator is so knowledgeable and uses great strategies to encourage participation. It was great, thanks to the FaNs Team"

The Oaks and MM
Say "YEAH". The team from The Oaks enjoy meeting Mr & Mrs Evans
MM Session smile
Mr Motivator had as much fun as we did!
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