Anyone for Mahjong?

Published on

Wishing Washing Line, Tendring

Lilia's Wish to play Mahjong starts to come true

Lilia had her first visit by Julie, Mahjong master and a fantastic human being, who saw the wish on our Wishing Washing Line in Tesco Superstore.

Julie learnt to play when she was a girl and is a whizz at Mahjong. When she saw the wish in Tescos she got in touch with the incredible Abby, activities co-ordinator and all round excellent human being, at Spring Lodge. As a beautiful coincidence, Julie and Abby knew each other from previous jobs in the care industry so the atmosphere was friendly and cheeky too.

It was a bit overwhelming for Lilia at first however Julie has been invited back to grow the relationship further. We can't wait to see mahjong battle commence in the very near future.