A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes

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Wishing Washing Line, Tendring

Irene's Wish Comes True

All the photos in our collective camera rolls wouldn't do this one justice!

Irene, 83 is a resident at Penny Pot Care Home in Clacton.

Her wish on the WWL in Tesco Superstore was to ride on a horse and carriage.

After many years of riding horses, keeping horses and being an avid animal lover Irene's wish granters, the INCREDIBLE Paulette and Alan @Layer Marney Horse Drawn Carriages won the day by not only introducing Irene to the horses; Gilbert, King, Arlo, Bear and Stanley, but they also let Irene ride shot gun around the country side, being pulled by Jack and Jill.

Irene was able to enjoy the experience with her family, and a couple of us might have hitched a lift too 😀 The only tricky part was making sure none of the horses got taken back to Clacton in Irene's trade mark handbag.

Heartfelt and unending thanks to all ❤️