Back In The Saddle Again....

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Wilfred, 97 meets Falcon the Suffolk Punch

Wilfred, age 97 from Kilkee Lodge had worked on farms from age 14, and spent many of those years working with shire horses. He used to plough an acre a day, walking behind the horse in the furrows made by the plough.

Wilfred's wish was to meet with these majestic creatures again, and thanks to Hawthorn Heavy Horses at Hylands Park, his wish was granted.

All the horses at Hawthorns are working horses, with Hawthorns specialising in horse logging and woodland management and Wilfred was introduced to Falcon and Roy, the Suffolk punches and Joseph the now, semi-retired Shire horse. Wilfred took an instant shine to Falcon and the feeling was definitely mutual.

Wilfred spent some time grooming Falcon and feeding him hay. Falcon was enjoying every minute of Wilfred's attention, gently nuzzling him on occasions, seemingly aware of his frailty.