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Just In Time for Our Latest Walk And Talk

We were delighted to be joined by residents from Foxburrow Grange and Kilkee Lodge for August's Walk and Talk session in Colchester Castle Park.

The residents were joined by children from Butterfly Barns Day Nursery and it was hard to know who enjoyed feeding the squirrels more? The weather was just the right temperature to allow residents and the children to wander around the grounds of Upper Castle Park for an hour.

Once we reached the castle we headed to the Chapel for some refreshments and an informative talk from one of the Castle's historians and an interactive look at how the Chapel used to be decorated.

After a rest and a chance to mingle, residents had a wander around the Castle taking in some of the exhibits and trying on some of the castles tunics and togas.

The residents of Kilkee Lodge then enjoyed an ice cream in the park before heading home.

I enjoyed every minute, the children made me laugh so much.

Maureen, Foxburrow Grange

It was a fantastic day

Michael, Kilkee Lodge

One off my list

Wilf, Kilkee Lodge