It's a Walk In The Park!

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St Dominic's Residents join us for a September Stroll.

After a scorching hot weekend, the temperature dropped to allow for a beautifully comfortable stroll around Braintree & Bocking Public Gardens on Monday (Sept 11th).

Four residents from St Dominic's Care Home in Kelvedon joined us for a meander around the perfectly manicured gardens of the park. With all but one resident in a wheelchair, we were delighted to be able to provide transport for the care home, for those who might struggle to get out as part of a group on a regular basis, due to transport limitations. The ladies really enjoyed the tranquility of the pond and the beautiful lavender smells in the John Ray sensory garden.

The children from Step Start Nursery in Braintree were welcomed by the residents who were delighted to be joined by some young children; they all enjoyed searching for the images shown on our 'park bingo' card together, but were disappointed not to see any squirrels on this occasion.

We were also joined by two local community police officers who enjoyed the opportunity to chat with both the residents and the children from Step Start.

After an hours walk we headed to the Coffee Shop in the gardens for some refreshments in their garden.

How wonderful it was to be out enjoying fresh air and nature

Resident, St Dominic's Resident

I've always enjoyed long walks in the country

Eileen, St Dominic's Resident