A Trip Down Memory Lane

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The Final Walk and Talk of the Year in Maldon

What a glorious Autumnal day for our final Maldon walk and talk of the year. We were joined by some of the ladies of Southminster Residential Home for a beautifully warm walk along the promenade today.

Many of the residents joining us were local to the area and had some wonderful memories of years gone by. One resident recollected coming down to the promenade and to the Queens Head pub on a motorbike in their youth, while another, Cybil having lived in the area her whole life was able to tell us much of the history of the area. Her father had been a bargeman in her childhood, transporting hay to London for the horses and returning with local manure for the local farmers crops. She was also delighted to see a photo of local fisherman in the area, which included many of her uncles.

One resident who wasn't local to the area really loved having the opportunity to visit Maldon for the first time.

It's so lovely to be back here...

Cybil, Southminster Residential Home

I love all the dogs..It's so lovely to get out and get some proper fresh air

Myra, Southminster Residential Home

I've loved having someone new to chat with.

Resident, Southminster Residential Home

I love it at the home....but it's so nice to come out for a change of scenery

Resident, Southminster Residential Home