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Clacton Care Home comes to Colchester for a Walk and Talk

Thanks to the generosity of Alderwood Care Home in Colchester, Glengariff Care Home in Clacton were able to join us for a Colchester walk and talk session yesterday (Oct 25th).

Back in March at one of our activity coordinator forums we were discussing the upcoming walk and talk sessions for the year. Unfortunately at that stage we weren't able to offer any sessions in Clacton, to the disappointment of Glengariff care home. Knowing how much it would mean to the residents of the Clacton home to get out and about, Alderwood kindly offered their bus and driver for the day, allowing Glengariff to visit Colchester castle for a walk and talk session yesterday.

The residents of Glengariff were thrilled to have a day out and to come to the castle. We were lucky enough to be joined by children from Butterfly Barns Day Nursery, who all wanted to help push the residents who were using wheelchairs.

After a gentle stroll and some feeding and fattening of the pigeons and squirrels we headed to the Lucas vault for refreshments and a look at some of the artefacts, we wandered around the museum looking at the exhibits.

I would love to come back

Gwen, Glengariff Resident

I love learning about the history of the castle and learnt so much. It was really interesting

Pauline, Glengariff Resident

I had so much fun

Peter , Glengariff Resident