Childminder Kim Barnetson's journey with kids and care homes

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Colchester Chilldminder Kim, the kids in her care and care home residents.

Kim Barnetson
Kim Barnetson

Back in 2018, respected Colchester childminder Kim Barnetson made the decision to try to engage with her local older people's care home, a decision which has borne fruit ever since. Since then, Kim has been a regular visitor at four local care homes, taking the children in her care to meet, interact, play and learn with the elderly people living there.

"The kids really enjoy going into the care homes, as do I", said Kim. "When the older people realise we've arrived, the room lights up. Older people spend so much time isolated, whether they are in care or alone in their own home, so when they have the opportunity to interact with little ones, ones they wouldn't get much opportunity to spend time with, they are truly enthralled. These relationships are crucial in the development of young people, the care home residents love it, and I know that the children have learned a lot from them, as have I! This is possibly one of the simplest things one can do with children that reaps huge benefits for all involved"

Kim Barnetson, Childminder

Kim would encourage anyone leading in child care, be it a nursery or childminder, to engage with their local care home and reap the same benefits they she and the children in her care have received.

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