Our Wishing Washing Line isn't all aeroplanes and motorbikes!

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Sometimes, the simplest wish makes the greatest difference

Jean's wish is granted by the wonderful Katie

When we collect wishes from care homes, all too often the ones the get the biggest audiences are the "WOW" wishes, something grand and a once in a lifetime experience, but the fact is, most of the wishes we receive are quite small and personal, such as this lovely wish from Jean, a resident of Loganberry Lodge care home in Colchester.

Jean's wish was simply to have some good old East End Pie, Mash and Liquor, so when Katie saw the wish in Tesco, she jumped into action and organised a personal delivery of Jean's favourite dish straight to her room.

Katie and Jean met for the first time, they chatted and laughed as Jean enjoyed her favourite meal, and even got a beautiful bouquet of flowers to top off the occasion.

Whilst this is simple, that one small act of kindness, reacting to one piece of card on a board on a supermarket wall, makes a huge difference, not just to Jean, but to the many care home residents who's wishes are on the Wishing Washing Line board too.

Thank you Katie.

Katie's letter to Jean
Jean and Katie meet for the first time

This wonderful letter to Jean

Dear Jean

Firstly, I hope you enjoy your pie n mash! I've never tried it, but maybe I will now! There's nothing worse than really fancying something, so I'm really glad I could help. I thought you might like to know about me. My name is Kat, I'm 30 and I work in the NHS. I also love dancing! I've also added some flowers. I love flowers, A LOT! They make me smile! My favourites are hydrangea and gerbera.

I hope they make you smile too!

Enjoy your lunch

Kat x

Katie Mennie, Wish granter
Jean with Pie n Mash
Jean really enjoyed her special treat of Pie, Mash and Liquor!