Our Wishing Washing Line in Maldon does it again.

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Denise has her simple wish granted

Denise was just delighted!

Simple wishes make a huge difference, like this one. Denise is a resident at The Lodge Care Home in Maldon, and her wish was for a nice new doll!

These types of wishes are crucial to some care home residents, especially those living with forms of dementia.

You might also think, "surely the care home has the budget for a dolly?" Well, here's the thing. The FaNs Network was started with a mission to connect care homes and their residents with their communities and the people within them, so when one of our incredible supporters granted Denise's wish a new connection or relationship is created, and thus getting us, and them, one step closer to a united community, whatever your circumstances.

Denise with her doll
Denise was absolutely delighted with her new companion.