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Our Colchester care home activities and wellbeing coordinators come together.

Great minds and all that....

On Tuesday April 23rd, care home activities and wellbeing coordinators came together in our quarterly focus group to discuss the successes of 2023, our learnings and what we can do better for 2024.

The nature of these groups is to inspire collaborative working and encourage lasting relationships between the care homes, and judging by the attendees and their positive approach, there are going to be some wonderful successes this year.

We spoke about our Walk & Talk sessions, the GRAND Walk & Talk, Bakes Off's, The Care Home Olympics in August, Remembrance Sunday, The amendments to the Wishing Washing Line, The Last Night of the Proms, a potential animal experience day and even Christmas 2024!!

The enthusiasm shown by this small group, and that includes the representatives of the care homes who couldn't make it, is second to none. We are so lucky to have such engagement in Mid & North Essex and we cannot wait to see what this year brings!

Focus Group
Activities and Wellbeing coordinators from ten care homes came together to share their ideas.

We had some pretty decent treats too!

It goes without saying that every focus group is a joyous event, but this one was made so special by the efforts of the team at Loganberry Lodge who whipped up a smorgasbord of tasty treats, from croissants to pain au chocolat, and cream scones to cherry cake!

You excelled yourselves again!!

The next focus group is to be held at Colonia Court in July, so if you're an activities coordinator, care home manager or owner, and you would like to attend, please just drop us a message on

Yummy treats for all the attendees
More treats
You can't beat a trolley full of goodies!

Thanks to everyone who came along.

We would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who attended.

Loganberry Lodge for hosting us, Woodland View, The Haven, Milton Lodge, Crouched Friars, Foxburrow Grange, Springfields, Freda Gunton Lodge, and Colonia Court.