Another wish granted, this time, a QUICK one!

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Car enthusiast and care home residents gets some wind in his hair!

Ready to go!

Nigel whizzes through the reservoir!

Self confessed petrol head Nigel, a resident at Loganberry Lodge - Runwood Homes Senior Living in Colchester, had his wish on the Wishing Washing Line granted today by local man Graham Gasson, when he showed him around and then took him for a spin in his convertible BMW Z4 to Abberton Reservoir and back! Nigel was absolutely thrilled about the surprise and said “I just love cars and going fast! When I get my license back I’m getting an Audi TT!”

Not satisfied with granted Nigel’s wish, Graham is now planning on granting a wish for more residents to go for afternoon tea!

“It’s what it’s all about”, said Graham. “Being part of a community means supporting that community, and I love to help”.

Thanks Graham, we salute you!

Graham and Nigel in the car
Graham and Nigel enjoyed a quick spin with the top down and the sun out!