Since Dora’s admission to Abberton Manor, she and her family have been keen for her to maintain links with friends, neighbours and her local community.

Dora’s move to Abberton manor was a tough decision for her, even more so when she had to leave her cottage, but members from her various groups visited often and Dora was very much included in what was going on in her community.

Dora was involved with The Good Companions, a local group and Abberton Manor involved them in by sending out monthly programme of events taking place, so they could decide which events they could attend.

Dora was a “BROWNIE LEADER” for years, and the local Brownie Group are invited to the Manor for key events celebrations, such as Harvest Festivals, Easter, Strawberry Tea and Christmas. They also visit in between for a sing-a-long of camp fire songs. Dora really looks forward to these visits and it is important to her that she knows in advance that they are coming, so that she can get her photo album out that shows her old Brownie Group. The sixteen plus girls that visit the Manor all want to sit around Dora as she tells her stories of “when I was a Brown Owl.

The Brownies love Dora and Dora loves them, the smile on Dora’s face says it all when they cuddle and hug her.

Dora is very happy at Abberton Manor and has the support of her family and friends and the staff, to ensure that she is able to maintain her quality of life.