On 8th November 2012 residents at Brenalwood Care Home took to the polls. Those residents who wanted to, voted in the Police and Crime commissioner elections.

All of our residents are registered for postal votes but we thought it would be nice if they could be a bit more active in the process of voting.

We used a screen to make a polling booth and we made a black ballot box for them to place their polling card in when they had voted. The residents who wanted to vote were then, one by one taken into the polling booth to cast their vote. Once they had finished voting they placed their ballot papers into the ballot box.

The residents who voted seemed to enjoy participating in the whole process and said it was nice to be able to vote properly.

We have plans to make polling day a bigger event in May for the council elections. It was nice to see the residents still being able to participate in the elections in a similar way to the wider community and also continuing to exercise their right to vote.

We actively encourage our Residents to maintain their identity, independence, and freedom of choice and enjoy good quality of life.