1940's Evening at North Weald Airfield

A number of residents from Cunningham House attended a 1940s evening for Abbeyfield Week. The evening was held at North Weald Airfield – a nearby airfield hangar complete with vintage aircraft and vehicles – and a number of attendees dressed up in 1940s dress.

All the residents who attended said that they had a very good time, and the home received a compliment from other people attending:

Hi. I am contacting you to say how lovely it was to meet Rene, Lily, Jean and Ernie at the North Weal D-Day dance yesterday evening. And also to say how dedicated, caring and delightful the carers were. The whole group seemed to be having an amazing time and I so enjoyed my conversation with Lily and Rene about their dancing days in the 1940s and 1950s. So much effort, beyond the call of duty, was given by your team and I would like to take this opportunity to let them know how thoughtful and kind we thought they were. The whole group were a credit to your establishment - reserve us a room for around 20 years time!!"

Tracie, Suze, Beth and Corrina

A number of the staff attended this event in their own time to ensure that fun was had by all.

Paul Buckle, Homes manager, expressed his thanks to Amy Beesley, Pat White, Chloe Smith and Jess Rowlatt. Also a special mention to Leigh Howe who organised the event.

Cunningham House Residents
Cunningham House Residents North Weald