Customer involvement at Enara Clacton

We like to involve our Clients with us as well as providing a service to them. We feel that this shows that we do care for them not just by providing our service but by including them in what we do and inviting them to put forward their suggestions/ideas that they may feel would make a difference.

We arrange quarterly client forums held at the branch and invite our clients to come along with a family member/friend/neighbour not only to talk about the service provided to them but to give them the opportunity to meet and have refreshments with the branch staff and other customers that we care for. We send out newsletters to our customers with this invitation.

We invite our customers to join in with choosing The Carer of the Month whereby we send out a nomination form and once these are received back into the office we choose one out of them (folded so we do not know who these are from) and the chosen care worker is given a £50 voucher of their choice. This is then advertised on the following newsletter to inform our customers who has been chosen.

We also invite our customers to send in a favourite recipe, poem or song of their choice to share with others which once received we publish in the following newsletter – (not naming the person who sent this in.) We have included a poem and a recipe that was recently sent in to us to share with others:

A first Birthday Poem
A little girl is One today
Let’s celebrate and shout ‘hooray’!
For she’s so sweet and such a cutie
She really is a little beauty.
With silky curls and eyes so blue
A button nose and five teeth too.
Chubby cheeks and a dimpled chin
Ten tiny toes, a cheeky grin!
With ruby lips and fingers long
Skin so soft and legs so strong!
Everyone loves her, everyone knows
This beautiful girl is - Amelia Rose!

For us caring is not just about providing a service but ensuring that we do listen to the views of our customers to improve the quality and show consideration and understanding to the people that we care for.