We aimed for a goal at Scarlett’s to take some residents on holiday the preparation to achieve the goal was hard work but achievable if we involved the correct people our residents.

All the residents were asked at the residents meeting and it was very hard to choose who we would take, we then decided to put the names in the hat and 4 residents were picked.

We informed CQC /Social workers next of kins /Quality Monitoring District Nurse team who all agreed it was a fantactic goal to achieve however we had many obstacles in the way:

  • How are we going to feed the residents?
  • How we would probe their food?
  • How would we cope with incontinence?
  • How would the residents sleep?
  • What about medication?
  • Would we put risk assessments in place?
  • What would we be doing with the residents?

We hired a brand new disabled caravan at Clacton high fields holiday Park we visited the park and the caravan to assess the situations after our visit we were able to put all the risk assessments in place.

All the above was completed and we took the large file with us. We were now ready to pack our suits cases the residents were so excited and could not wait to go.

The journey began the weather was kind and the sun was shining Our Holiday Every morning we would get up and plan our day after a cooked breakfast and a shower everyone was racing to go. We walked round the camp site watching the activities and joining in the games. The residents liked to play on the arcades the 2pence machines were the favourite all the residents became completive with each other they all had a white pot overflowing with coins and at one point we were told to be quiet as the laugher was so loud.

Shopping in the little gift shop was also a must daily. We had lunch out most days either in the camp or we would get take-a ways in which the residents loved.

In the evenings we would go the club house and watch the shows the residents had a drink and pop corn and enjoyed joining in with the dancing. They all loved watching the children.

Our other residents in the home would come down to see us during the day and join in the fun we would also have picnics outside.

Our main achievement although we had many was our resident SA she spoke thought-out the holiday she joined in with others she laughed and in the evening when we returned to the caravan she said I will make the boys supper she took the items out of the fridge and layed the table and told us when she was ready to serve , this was amazing as she would not communicate in the home with staff or residents since the holiday she now joins in all activities and will communicate with staff and residents in the home.

The holiday was a great success and we would do it again for our residents.